Success Stories


Anadara project IWDP4, Bharuch, Gujarat
Sixty percent of risky, unirrigated and under invested areas of India support 40% of population contribute 40% of food grain and a vast array of livelihoods and environmental services. Climatic changes are compounding challenges to livelihood, increasing...more info
The Desert Blooms,Success story under DDP in Kutch, Gujarat
Gandhi Gram: It is a newly founded village, just about 48 years old. Originally the people of the village belonged to Mou-Ratnapar village. They were unhappy because of the atrocities created by some bad elements... more info
Watershed Development Programme in Semla Rajkot, Gujarat
Increasing water scarcity, i.e. the available water resources in a country in relation to its growing population, has led to strong international calls for sustainable development of our limited... more info
Watershed Development Programme in Vankaner Rajkot, Gujarat
Rajkot is a typically drought prone district situated in the western part of Gujarat, called Saurastra. The annual rainfall is not only low (average: 500mm), it is very erratic also. Thus, water has always been a major problem for... more info
DPAP BATCH Vasiya project in Savli,Vadodara, Gujarat
The Ministry of Rural Development Department, Government of India, initiated Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) across Gujarat in 1996 to mitigate the long term effects of famines through well planned watershed interventions to... more info
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